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 Welcome to Our Online Coaching Page

Personalized Coaching for Every Fitness Level

Ready to unleash your potential and transform your life? Whether you're a professional athlete, an enthusiastic amateur, or just eager to get into better shape, our online coaching services cater to all fitness levels and goals. Experience tailored programs for in-season or off-season, in-camp or off-camp, designed exclusively to meet your unique needs.

Our Expertise Covers:

1. Weight Management:
   Achieve your desired weight, whether it’s shedding unwanted pounds or building mass. Experience personalized weight loss or gain programs that promise lasting results.

2. Fight Camp Preparation:
   Master your fight camp preparation with our holistic approach to weight cut, rehydration management, and diet planning.

3. Bodybuilding Contest Preparation:
   Stand out in competitions with our comprehensive bodybuilding contest preparation, designed to bring out your best physique.

4. Special Event Preparation:
   Look your finest for that special day! Be it a wedding or a photoshoot, our targeted programs will have you in top shape.

5. Sports-Specific Strength, Conditioning, and Nutrition:
   Optimize your performance in any sport with our expert strength, conditioning, and nutrition coaching.

Why Choose Us?

Delivered Through a Top-Tier Fitness and Nutrition App

Access our comprehensive services seamlessly through our state-of-the-art app, lauded as one of the best in the market today. Key features include:

- Comprehensive Statistics:
  Instantly access your vital statistics, linked with the history of your data. Watch your transformation unfold with monitoring features for weight curve, training hours, loads, and macro and micronutrients.

- Evolution of Your Sessions:
  Adapt and upgrade your program as you progress. Save time, boost your progress, and keep the momentum strong.

- Nutritional Logger & Barcode Scanner:
  Effortlessly log your food and scan barcodes for instant nutritional information.

- Shopping List Generator:
  Simplify your meal prep with automatically generated shopping lists tailored to your nutritional plan.

- Detailed Training Evolution:
  Track your training evolution with detailed reports and insights.

 Your Journey to Transformation Begins Now!

Embark on your fitness journey with our dedicated online coaching service. Witness extraordinary transformation, supported by an exceptional app and committed personal coaching. Your ideal fitness level is within reach. Let’s get started!

Contact Us to Get Started

Don’t hesitate to reach out and take the first step towards your transformation. Contact us today and explore the many ways we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Unveil Your Ultimate Fitness Potential

Elevate Your Training with Tailored Precision

At OHANA PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE, we go beyond ordinary. We meticulously plan each aspect of your fitness journey to seamlessly integrate with your daily life, ensuring you achieve your goals without compromise. 

Comprehensive & Personalized Training Plans

-Reps, Sets, and Recovery Management: Forget the guesswork. We will strategically plan your reps, sets, and recovery to optimize your training output.
-Custom Training Schedule: Your daily routine is considered in curating a unique training schedule that aligns with your work, training, or other commitments.
-Athlete-Specific Load Dosage:  Whether a footballer or an MMA fighter, experience tailor-made strength and conditioning plans designed around your skill days and time availability.
-Custom Conditioning and Cardio Routines: Achieve your fitness goals faster with precision-prescribed conditioning and cardio routines.

Nutritional Excellence Tailored for You!

-In-depth Macronutrient Calculations: Receive a custom-made diet plan based on detailed macronutrient calculations aligning with your specific goals.
-Free InBody 970 Test: Residents nearby can benefit from a complimentary InBody 970 test (worth 937 NOK), laying a solid foundation for your custom diet plan, training routine, and weight strategy.

- 6 Free Online Consultations: Avail six 30-minute online consultations absolutely free, a service valued at 5,100 NOK.

Exclusive Access to Our Premier Fitness and Nutrition App

Be part of a transformative journey with enrollment in our top-tier fitness and nutrition app (worth 2000kr/year), guaranteeing unmatched convenience in training and diet delivery.

 Be Wowed By Your Transformation

Your extraordinary journey to exceptional fitness and unmatched wellness begins now. At OHANA PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE, every detail is orchestrated with precision, ensuring you not only meet but surpass your fitness aspirations. 

 Ready for a Fitness Revolution?

Don’t wait. Embark on the path to an extraordinary transformation with OHANA PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE today!

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