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THE MASTER RESET, Countering the negative effects of stress.


Numerous studies tell us about the consequences of excessive stress. Stress wears our bodies down–it drains us.

And sometimes, you literally need to recharge it back up or do a simple reset. It leads to so many of the health issues we face in modern society: dysregulated blood pressure, GI problems, anxiety or diminishing mental health, impaired sexual function, chronic pain, and more.

Our bodies are both chemical and electrical, yet, most treatment focuses on just the chemical. Doing the Master Reset with the Neubie has been shown to help shift the body out of the sympathetic (“fight-or-flight”) side of the nervous system and into the parasympathetic (“rest-and-digest”) side, which supports effective digestion of food, cleansing of wastes, rebuilding of the body’s tissues, improved brain function and mental health, and more.

We're sure you've heard these terms: "fight or flight" and "rest and digest" at some point, but what do they mean?It's all about the nervous system!

Our nervous system can flex 2 ways: towards stress response (fight or flight - sympathetic nervous system) or towards relaxation response "rest and digest - parasympathetic nervous system). Most of us are somewhere in between, and our body is ready to move in whatever direction is suited for the situation.

However, due to stress, deadlines, pandemics, etc, many of us live more towards the "fight or flight" end of the scale. We've talked at length before about pain amplifiers and guess what - stress is one of the biggest pain amplifiers around.

Living with high sympathetic tone - fight or flight - disrupts sleep, digestion, healing, thought processing, and many, many other processes. It can also interfere with treatment from pain and injury, delay healing and amplify your symptoms.

Enter the NeuFit Neubie- a direct current electrical stimulation device that allows us to hack in and promote your parasympathetic nervous system tone to decrease tension and pain and increase relaxation and healing.

Being able to help drive a parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system response through the Neubie allows our treatments and correctives to be even more effective and better received by the body. Our patients are reporting less pain, and better sleep and are progressing faster with more complex cases. The outcomes we've been seeing are incredible!

The treatment is simple, we hook you up to current, teach you some breathing techniques and you lay on your back breathing for 30 minutes. You walk away feeling euphoric.

So, are you ready to hack your nervous system for better results? We're here and ready to help you feel, move and perform better!

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