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Why the device and methods Uniquely Useful for Neuro Patients


Because the Neubie is a pulsed Direct Current (DC) stimulation device, it is especially useful when working with Neuro patients. Stimulation with the Neubie jump starts the nervous system to improve function independent of current (in other words, improvements do not just occur when the stimulation is on the body, but the effects create lasting changes as well). Direct Current is more useful when trying to make functional progress for a few reasons:

1. DC allows us to more powerfully, precisely, and directly target the nervous system

2. DC creates an electric field that orients cells to regenerate tissue

3. DC allows for unidirectional sensory/motor inputs or outputs

• It interacts specifically with afferent neurons to send input into the central nervous system so that the body can create outputs with efferent neurons. AC signal, on the other hand, causes agonist-antagonist co-contractions

4. Our bodies run on DC. This means that, functionally, using DC speaks the same language as our nervous system and so will support the body to make neuro changes on its own

These are some key points that can be shared when talking to patients about this treatment. Additionally, it is important for them to understand that this additional input will support the improvement of function more efficiently than traditional training in the gym, and can create a long term adaptation of muscles and/or (more specifically in this case) nerves.

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