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The Neubie (“Neuro-bio-electric Stimulator”) is our FDA-cleared electrical stimulation device, with two main differences compared to existing technology. These differences allow us to use the Neubie within the NeuFit System to improve outcomes for athletes and patients in a wide range of situations.


The first difference is that it uses Direct Current as opposed to Alternating Current. The therapeutic benefits of DC, particularly on tissue healing, have been known for many years. But there had always been a limitation because DC would also burn the skin. Our device offers a solution to this problem, using a combination of waveforms that includes a carrier frequency that enables the DC signal to penetrate the skin and fatty layers of tissue and penetrate to where it’s needed to have a meaningful effect.

The second difference has to do with its effect on the neuromuscular system. The Neubie has a unique combination of frequencies and waveforms that reduce the protective contractions normally seen with traditional e-stim units. At a therapeutic level of current, where an AC device would cause the body to lock up and be unable to move, our device still permits patients to actively move and allows us to combine it with a rich library of movement protocols. This effect allows us to emphasize eccentric contractions, amplify the sensory/afferent inputs to the nervous system, and create an opportunity for accelerated neuromuscular re-education.

When your nervous system is optimized, you have energy and vitality, easily and quickly heal from injury, and perform at your highest level. Sometimes, the challenges of life take you off course and out of this natural state. By working with your nervous system, NeuFit can help you find exactly where any problems may exist and quickly address them, helping you access your optimal state...

At NeuFit, we believe the key to truly healing your pain and injury is addressing your nervous system. Unfortunately, neurology is so often overlooked in rehabilitation.

When you are injured or experience trauma, your brain/nervous system tries to protect your body by telling certain muscles to guard and protect. Although that may be a good response initially, it actually becomes a problem over time. The brain continues to try to protect the body long after the injury is over, and ends up unnecessarily creating patterns that actually restrict your movement and hold your body in painful, limited positions. These restrictions are also what keep you from being able to fully rehabilitate your body and heal.

Managing these neurological responses is the biggest factor in optimizing recovery. Finding exactly where these responses are taking place in the body is the key to the process.

That’s why at NeuFit we follow a thorough process, designed to Identify where these responses are, Reset those responses, and Breakthrough to lasting healing!

Step 1: Identify- We start with a mapping process of the body so we can identify exactly where the nervous system is imposing limitations on your body and restrictions in your movement. This gives us the ability to…

Step 2: Reset- We reset those areas in order to change the underlying patterns. Where your brain had been actively imposing limitations on certain muscles and tissues, it learns to bring those areas back to more normal, optimal functioning. This opens up the pathways for the body to heal more effectively, and often leads to…

Step 3: Breakthrough! By working through these restrictions, you can tap into the range of motion, strength, and capacity for pain-free movement that you had all along – it was just lying dormant, unable to be expressed.

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