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Why Focus on the Pelvic Floor?



The pelvis provides support for spine and organ, and is important for many aspects of healthy living. Pain and dysfunction in this area can make relationships difficult, as well as normal functions of daily life.

Working to improve pelvic floor health is useful and important for both men and women. Women commonly experience pelvic floor issues; in fact, 50% of postpartum women develop prolapse, and 1 in 3 women develop bladder leakage after the age of 50 regardless of postpartum health. Men suffer from pelvic floor issues as well, including prostatitis and erectile dysfunction.

Think the pelvic floor is no big deal? Here is what it provides:

• STABILITY for your spine and pelvis
• SUPPORT for your internal organs
• SPHINCTER control for bladder and fecal continence
• SEXUAL responsiveness and pleasure

Types of Pelvic Floor Issues:
• Postpartum Related (Prolapse, Weakness, etc) • Bladder Dysfunction
• Intestinal Issues
• Low Back Issues May be Related to Pelvic Floor • Other Conditions
- Neurological Disorders that affect Motor and Autonomic Function (Ex. SCI, MS, PD)
- Interstitial Prostatitis
- Pudendal Nerve Neuralgia - Erectile Dysfunction

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