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NEUBIE Training with us

The NEUBIE (Neuro-Bio-Electric) is a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) Device. It works by sending electrical impulses through electrode pads on the skin that cause muscle contractions. These impulses are delivered to neuromuscular tissue that mimic your nervous system’s natural communication through action potentials.


The impulses communicate with your sensory and motor neurons to activate contractile muscle fibers and 1a/1b afferents. This activation is used in training with NMES, and leads to an adaption of your cells in muscles, blood vessels, and nerves which can result in long-term changes over time and supplement your normal training capabilities.

In training with the NEUBIE, you use a process called Neuromuscular Re-education to create new movement patterns. In some cases, this is to restore normal patterns which have gotten out of whack due to compensatory movements or injury (which we will address in this course as part of preparing for training), but it can also be used to accelerate your training outcomes by facilitating the communication between your muscles and nerves with your brain about where, when and how fast to move.

How does our methods combined with NeuFit  help improve fitness & performance?

Let’s start with the neuroscience

It’s possible to activate increased strength just by tapping into the abilities that lay dormant in our body. In response to experiences, our brain and nervous system adapt and change to form new patterns and set new limits to protect us. Occasionally, however, these limits are set too conservatively. Changing, fixing, or resetting these patterns of connections is called neuroplasticity, and it’s a fast-growing field of study. Our nervous system is hugely important to muscle function, movement, and pain. Think of it as the control system of our body.


Tech for our bodies
By harnessing the power of our nervous system, our  Methods can help to restore, achieve, and sustain peak physical performance. One way it does this is by safely training the neurological skill of enhanced muscle recruitment. This boost can help to restore and increase strength, as well as lead to muscle hypertrophy. Additionally, electrical stimulation can be an effective tool for recovering from fatigue or injury and can be incorporated into a fitness routine to enhance overall physical performance and longevity.


Maintaining or increasing muscle mass
Recent studies on the Neubie have shown that it can help build muscle in ways that are similar to lifting weights, but without having to lift as much weight and the associated risks of injury (or re-injury). In addition, many studies show that maintaining muscle mass helps humans age more gracefully, helping with hormones, inflammation, and with preventing falls or protecting from the risks of injury in a fall.

The Science of the NEUBIE for Hypertrophy Training

In sports medicine and training, NMES devices like the NEUBIE have been used for muscle strengthening, maintenance of muscle mass and strength during prolonged periods of immobilization, selective muscle retraining, and the control of swelling. 

Muscles have two fiber types - type I and II. In typical training, type I will fire first, and then type II. NMES training causes the type II muscle fibers to activate more quickly. This is beneficial to training as type II have a higher specific force than type I, and their earlier activation increases the overall strengthening of muscles.

NMES combined with training is more effective than either alone

• Greater induction of muscular adaptations
• Improved performance of complex dynamic movements
• Accelerates recovery of muscle contractility and functional abilities
• Generates neuromuscular adaptations while allowing adjustment of motor control

in voluntary movement


You will:

• Learn to move better, more quickly, and more safely when they can feel muscles activated
• Be able to hit the right types of muscle fibers to get bigger and stronger, faster

• Contract muscles harder than the brain does on its own and with lighter weights

By training with the NEUBIE, you will be able to progressively improve their nervous systems to activate more and more muscle many times faster than they can do in the gym on their own, and with a fraction of the weight, which will keep their joints healthy and improve their longevity in the gym.


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