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Welcome to Ohana Performance Institute, the only facility in Norway with the latest, and the only InBody 970 technology and Y Scope test. We provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive body composition analysis available today. Whether you're an athlete or looking to improve your health, our InBody 970 with Y Scope test gives you valuable insights to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today and experience the most accurate body composition analysis available in Norway.

  • 30 min

    937 Norwegian kroner

  • 1 hr

    1,311 Norwegian kroner


this test will take approximately 5 minutes, and the remaining 25 minutes will be spent in consultation.


the process will take about an hour. It will begin with testing the range of motion of muscles using a digital inclinometer, followed by measuring the force production of selected muscles using a dynamometer.

Finally, the process will end with a consultation.

During the consultation, our healthcare professional and fitness expert will interpret the results of the tests and provide the best recommendations for improving body composition, muscle strength, and overall health.

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