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B. Metabolic rate

C. HR (heart rate) training zones

D. Fat mass HR zones

E. Optimal breakdown of cardio, HIIT, resistance training

The report will include

*Lung fitness assessment

*Fat burning efficiency

*Breathing and cognition

*Heart fitness assessment

*Metabolic efficiency

*Aerobic health

*Respiratory health

*Cardio fitness

*Breathing and mobility

*Type 1 and Type 2 muscle activation

*Metabolic, Heart, lung and cellular fitness assessment

Our  metabolic assessment  gives you a 360 degree view of your metabolic heart and lung function. in just 30 minutes you will discover how fast or slow your metabolism is, your heart and lung fitness, how effective you are at burning fat, exactly how many calories you need to eat for your goals, and what the ideal workout looks like for you.

Based on the information collected we will create for you the most personalized workout and nutrition plan while assessing your lung and heart fitness


VO2 max only 200 euros

RME only (resting metabolic rate) 130 euros

Both 240 Euros

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