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Update: August 2022


Privacy Policy for Ohana Performance Institute


Introduction This Privacy Policy is pertinent to the Web & Mobile services platform of Ohana Performance Institute, presented by the company OHANA PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE. The company OHANA PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE has collaborated with the app developer team through the website or the respective mobile applications, hereafter named "the app developer team services".


What Does This Concern? Personal data is any piece of information that could either directly or indirectly ascertain your identity. This could include details like your name, postal address, and even details like your IP address or a photo. The focus of this policy is solely on natural persons, known here as "Users", be it individuals or professionals. This doesn’t cover legal entities. Users can access an array of free and paid features related to sports training and nutrition, provided by the app developer team on its platform. Our primary focus is to gather only the most necessary personal data for specific, transparent, and valid reasons. This policy will detail our methods.


1. Which Laws Are Relevant? This Privacy Policy takes its roots from: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 from April 27, 2016, known as “GDPR”. The law n°78/17 of January 6, 1978 amended, termed as “Data Protection Act”. Where Can Users Find Relevant Information? For utmost transparency, the Ohana Performance Institute provides multiple information sources: This Privacy Policy, detailing our data processing activities when you engage with our website or utilize our services. Copy privacy policy 2 Our Freemium Terms of Service and varied General Sales and Service Terms outline the terms for our services. Legal Notices share comprehensive data about our company.


2. Data Management Per regulations (GDPR, Article 7), the controller is tasked with setting the goals and methods of processing. For this policy’s purpose, the data controller is: Ohana Performance Institute 418, rue du Mas de Verchant 38000 Montpellier RCS Montpellier: 813 620 424 1.Details About Personal Data Handling What kind of personal data gets processed? When using the app developer team services, users might have their data such as names, photos, contact info, affiliations to professional structures, goals, sports level, sports activities, physical metrics, geolocation, platform interaction records, etc., processed. What data is deemed sensitive? Certain types of data are viewed as sensitive under specific laws. This encompasses health-related data, which can only be processed with explicit user consent. Metrics and data hinting at a user’s health status are sensitive. The gathering and processing of such data are solely upon user consent, which can be retracted anytime. This data is not mandatory, but it improves user experience on the platform.


3.How We Handle Your Data What’s the purpose of data processing? Depending on your engagement with our website or services, data might be used for: Contract management and user account upkeep. Tracking of sports and dietary activities. Streamlining access to our services. Enhancing user experience. Offering a platform for interaction among users. Administering payments, invoicing, and bookkeeping. Copy privacy policy 3 Keeping users updated with newsletters. Online marketing and ad customization. User surveys, studies, and contests. Handling disputes. This processing hinges on several bases: user consent, contractual obligations, legal mandates, or our legitimate interests, aiming to offer the best services and products. Data Collection Methods We acquire your data through: 1. Your interaction and utilization of the Ohana Performance Institute app (direct collection). 2. Through partnerships with professional entities (indirect collection). If the personal data you're requested to supply is vital for accessing or utilizing the services of the Ohana Performance Institute app, it becomes a contractual requirement. If these details aren't provided, you might be unable to use our services. Third-party Data Transmission Your personal data is only shared with entities that have a strict necessity related to the purpose for which the data was collected. This includes service providers responsible for: Initiating contacts for potential commercial partnerships. Overseeing commercial partnerships. Managing partnerships with interoperable mobile applications. Handling outsourced payroll and accounting. Managing B2B customer relations and marketing. Overseeing B2B and B2C promotional emails. Administering payment and invoicing. Hosting and maintaining the website. Conducting customer satisfaction surveys and organizing contests. Enabling geolocation. Copy privacy policy 4 Managing our newsletter. Installing cookies on your device with your approval. If necessary, legal entities or regulatory authorities, mediators, lawyers, bailiffs, accountants, and auditors. Data Transfer Outside the European Union (EU) Some of your personal data might be transferred to countries outside the EU, primarily Canada and the United States, where our service providers operate. Regardless, we guarantee any data transfer outside the EU meets EU regulatory standards to ensure the data's security and confidentiality. Data Retention Duration We retain your personal data until its intended purpose is fulfilled: For non-customers: Up to 3 years after the last contact. For customers: Up to 5 years post the contractual relationship's conclusion, retained for potential legal necessities. Certain legal obligations might dictate longer retention.


4. Your Rights You have various rights regarding your personal data: Access: Confirm and view the data we process. Rectification: Update inaccurate data. Limitation: Temporarily halt data processing. Objection: Object to data processing. Portability: Obtain a copy of your data in a standard format. Additionally, you can update or delete your data via the Ohana Performance Institute app. How to Exercise Your Rights Contact us: Email: Address: Ohana Performance Institute - 418, rue du Mas de Verchant 38000 Montpellier. Copy privacy policy 5 Please specify the right(s) you're invoking. For identity verification, we might request additional information. Filing Complaints Should you feel your rights are infringed, you can lodge complaints with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).


5. Cookie Management For a better user experience, the Ohana Performance Institute website might use cookies, managed by our partners or us. They help in audience measurement, personalizing your experience, and offering tailored services. You can block cookies through your browser settings. Cookies expire after 13 months, while the collected data is kept for 25 months. We also employ reCAPTCHA, a tool by Google, to prevent malicious automated requests.


6. Privacy Policy Updates The App Developer Team may periodically revise this Privacy Policy. Should we intend to process your data differently, we'll prominently notify you on our website and app. Continued usage implies acceptance of these changes.


7. Litigation This policy is governed by French law. Disputes will initially aim for an amicable resolution. Failing that, they'll be addressed by the Court of Appeal of Paris.

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